Project LAUNCH is a five-year cooperative agreement which seeks to ensure the wellness of all young children birth to age eight so they may succeed in school and life.  The program works to strengthen the connections between early childhood caregivers (including parents, pediatricians or primary care providers, child care providers, and early childhood educators, and the individuals and systems serving school-age children, including elementary school personnel.  Project LAUNCH’s guiding principles are to promote a holistic perspective, to foster an ecological framework, and to employ a public health approach.

CSKT Project LAUNCH uses a system’s perspective to enact holistic and sustainable changes in the community, specifically addressing the physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of young children’s development.  The grant relies heavily on input from an advisory committee, which is made up of Parents, Mental Health Administrators and Practitioners, Numerous Childcare Providers (private and organizational), School District Personnel from all Reservation Schools, Local Hospital Staff or Administration, as well as S&K Housing, DHRD, Tribal Health, Tribal Education, Tribal Courts, Kootenai Culture Committee, Salish Culture Committee, Forestry, SKC, University of Montana, Lake County Public Health, Best Beginnings Collaboration, and Tribal Council.  This committee provided guidance and input in developing the vision and mission for the project, as well as the strategic plan.  

Available Documents

Project Launch Briefing Sheet
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State Baby Facts
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The Project LAUNCH Team

Whitney Danz, MSW
Program Manager/ Project Director
406-675-2700 Ext. 6105
Cell: 406-241-1498

Shyla Collicott
Youth Child Wellness Coordinator
406-675-2700 Ext. 6108

Marcella Adolph, MSW
Childhood Mental Health Consultant
406-675-2700 ext. 6118

Nicole Antoine, MSW
Childhood Mental Health Consultant
406-675-2700 Ext. 6127

Mission & Vision Statement

The Mission of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Project LAUNCH is to support and strengthen a sustainable, well-coordinated, family focused network of accessible, holistic, culturally connected, compassionate, high-quality health and wellness services for all children, prenatal to age 8.  

The Vision for Project LAUNCH is Empowering Families, Promoting Child Wellness, Sharing the Journey.  

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