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Ø   Program Application Eligibility Requirements: This program assists low income families, (which include all adult household members) who are working, in school, or enrolled in formal training programs. All adult household members must be in school, at work, or enrolled in a formal training program to receive childcare assistance. In the instance that one member is not working or in school/training, childcare will only be authorized for 10 hours a week.


Ø  All persons 18 years and older: earned income, financial aid, child support, Cash assistance and/or welfare benefits are also counted in determining eligibility. Family size & income is the main criteria as well as Tribal enrollment (for children). All earned income in the household is counted (boyfriend, girlfriend, common law husband/wife, brother, sister, cousin, parent, etc.) In the event of a projected funding shortage, priority will go to the lowest income families with enrolled members of a Federally Recognized Tribe.


Ø  Applications must include for all household members: Tribal Enrollment verification, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, current immunization records for children (your application will be denied if immunization records are not provided or if shots are overdue; copies are accepted). Release of Information (all adults), All household members 18 years and older must provide; signed release of information, photo ID, pay stub, work or school schedule (final registration), quarterly financial aid award letter (w/current date). If any one item is missing, there will be no approvals until the required document is turned in. All earned income in the household is counted (boyfriend, girlfriend, common law husband/wife, brother, sister, cousin, parent, etc.).


Ø  Updating your application: Students & applicants who are enrolled in a formal training program are required to submit their class schedule & financial aid award letters each quarter. You must also report any other changes in household.


Ø  General Updates: Any change in hourly wage rates (up or down), work hours, work schedules, household size, etc. must be reported within 10 days or you may be declared ineligible for assistance and your case will be closed. These updates can be made by requesting an “Update Application” and must be submitted by the “UPDATE NEEDED” date on your current authorization. It’s extremely important that you pay close attention to the “MONTHS AUTHORIZED FOR” dates also, you will be held responsible for any childcare expenses that fall outside of these dates and have not been authorized. So, it is in your own best interest that you keep track of these dates and make certain that your application is current, and that your case is still ACTIVE with the CCBG Office.


Ø  HOW FAST ARE APPLICATIONS PROCESSED? Every effort will be made to process your application within 7-10 working days. If there is information lacking, your application will not be processed until all missing documents are submitted and your application is complete. If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be notified.




Ø  WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS A FUNDING SHORTAGE? In the event of a projected Child Care Block Grant funding shortage, first priority goes to the lowest income persons who are enrolled members of a Federally Recognized Tribe (children). Every effort will be made to give at least thirty day notice of funding unavailability. If the federal government discontinues or reduces funding, the notice may be shorter.


Ø  Childcare Provider Requirements: It is important to choose your provider carefully and declare your childcare provider in writing. You are not authorized to change providers without notifying the CCBG Program and declaring your new provider. You must call and get approval before you actually take the child to a new provider. This is very important to ensure that your child and associated expense is covered. If you fail to request permission to change, you may be responsible for any childcare expenses not authorized. If you choose a provider who is not on our CCBG provider list, provide a copy of their state license when applying for assistance.  If your provider is not state licensed, they (and all persons over 18 in the home) must complete and pass a background check through DHRD (this process can take up to 3 months to be approved and CCBG will not pay any costs that may have incurred in the 3 months as we do not back pay)  Family/Relative caregivers: A caregiver cannot live in the same home as the child(ren) they are providing care for. For family members that do not reside in the same household, they cannot have more than 3 children in the home, and no more than 2 children under the age of 2. This count also includes their own child(ren). CCBG does not retro pay any provider for services outside the authorized months.


Ø  Other requirements: Parents are required to sign their child’s sign in sheet daily (in some cases 2 sheets). You are certifying the amount of time requested by the caregiver. Please review carefully before you sign the sheet. The CCBG Coordinator will be making periodic checks with your provider for compliance. Failure to sign in & out will result in immediate disqualification from the program.


Ø  Foster children and/or relative children: If you are applying for assistance for a child who resides with you but is not your natural or adopted child, you must present a legal document ensuring that you have proper and legal custody of the child.


Ø  Childcare Provider Co-payments: All parents (exception “TANF-Only” eligible participants) will have a monthly co-payment that must be paid directly to the provider. Be sure and pay the co-payment amount monthly, as your provider cannot bill the program until your co-payments are paid and current. In worst-case scenario, if you do not pay your co-payment, your provider’s bill will be held, and you will be responsible to pay the bill in full. The CCBG Program pays bills and re-obligates funds monthly. Therefore, it is critical for the provider to bill the program in a monthly timely manner. Please be mindful that childcare providers rely on your promptness to maintain their business.


Ø  Childcare Improvement Trainings: From October – June of each year, we offer up to three (3) Childcare Improvement Trainings per month at various locations throughout the reservation. These trainings are geared toward improving the quality of childcare within the family’s home, as well as at the local childcare facilities. Therefore, we strongly encourage both parents and childcare providers alike to attend on a regular basis. The trainings last approximately 2 hours and are free of charge. Free childcare is also provided. You may request a copy of the training schedule at the CCBG Office.


Ø  Where can I apply for childcare if I am eliminated or ineligible for the Tribes Program? You may apply for childcare at the Nurturing Center in Kalispell – 1 (800)-204-0644 or (406)756-1414.



Ø  WHERE MAY I REQUEST A TRIBAL APPLICATION? Department of Human Resources Development-CCBG, P.O. Box 278, Pablo, MT  59855, or call Kim @ (406) 675-2700 ext. 1371.

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