TCSEP will make every effort to locate both CP’s and NCP’s, and their assets, as part of its enforcement activities. TCSEP also receives requests for locate, and conducts lawful investigations for the purpose of locating parents, alleged parents, and their assets for other IV-D Program.

TCSEP staff will be required to track and record all attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, to locate custodial and non-custodial parents by maintaining case management events in individual child support files. Case notes will be documented in a timely manner and kept on file for the entire duration of the case.  All staff will be cross-trained in this area.

TCSEP shall take all necessary actions to locate parents, and will use all sources available to TCSEP and to the Tribes. While there is no time frame requirement, locate actions shall be performed in a timely manner.

TCSEP does not have access to Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) and will request this service from the Montana State IV-D Program as necessary. Other search methods that will be utilized are:

1)    Services will be provided through locate functions available as an inter-governmental referral;

2)    Community knowledge;

3)    Internet research;

4)    Phone and mail contact with participants;

5)    Searches through Tribal programs;

6)    Employer contact for address confirmation;

7)    Searches conducted by the Tribal Police Department; and

8)    Lexis Nexis.

TCSEP staff will make every effort to safeguard participant’s information as to avoid breaching confidentiality when receiving information from the above locate sources.
To assure the case confidentiality of information for individuals and families using the Tribal Child Support Enforcement Program, strict procedures have been set for the privacy and use of information for the program.