Child Support actions will be heard in the CS&KT Tribal Court. The CS&KT Tribal Laws Codified protects the due process rights of all litigants in Tribal Court, including all ordinances regarding establishment of paternity, and the establishment, modification, and enforcement of Child Support Orders. 

CS&KT Tribal Laws Codified contains due process assurances by providing for notice of hearings, a right to legal counsel, the opportunity to introduce evidence, be heard, and examine witnesses.

Furthermore, due process rights of all individuals involved in TCSEP cases will be protected in TCSEP services. TCSEP shall follow rules and laws concerning due process as defined in the CS&KT Tribal Laws Codified, and any applicable Federal due process requirement.

Process Service
TCSEP will serve legal paperwork as provided under CS&KT Tribal Laws Codified.  All legal service will be made in accordance with the requirements set out in specific sections of CS&KT Tribal Laws Codified.